Saturdays with Daniel.

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It's almost sunset and the DISPLAY 520i taxi on to the apron in front of the crowd. As the music plays the aircraft is reacting in harmony with full-on LED displays.  Both the wing and fuselage have embedded LED strip lighting for one purpose only. 


This concept is not new, but we will perfect it.


The wing design is a combination of my days flying the YAK55, which had a very high lift design together with probably the best aircraft I have ever flown the Genevation GenPro580 with a twisted wing design.

NACA 0012 Airfoil design, coupled with a 5 deg washout, will allow this aircraft to have a very low stall speed. Due to the thick wing, the cruise speed will be modest, but taken into consideration that this aircraft will have a detachable wing design allowing for container/trailer transportation will open new opportunities.

My experience gained flying for Genevation in 2018 has developed my love for slow, smooth motion aerobatic displays mixed in with hight impact entries.

The aim is to supply such a capable aircraft as well as an aircraft for the pilot with an LSA license, here in South Africa, referred to as NPL. In the USA, I believe all that is required is a driver's license medical once the pilot no longer qualifies or wants to fly sertified aircraft.


The wing will be supplied with embedded LED strips with a removable cover (lens) for maintance. LED light strips in both leading and trailing edges. The fuselage will be covered with a thin carbon skin and also will house LED's. The main aim is to sell a product ready for night displays. Laser and pyrotechnic equipment for displays will be incorporated. From your Smart phone you will be able to control the colour of the LED's and the sequence of display.


In-flight LED control will be standard and a music link from the pilot's smartphone will be available to be patched into PA. system on the ground.

Formation Displays will also have the ability to synchronized all aircraft's LED's.


SER # 001 welded fuselage was delivered on 27-10-2019 at Kitty Hawk east of Pretoria. Updates of the project will be posted regularly.


The Display 520i will be available in both kit form as well as factory build.

Pricing to follow:



Power Plant: UL390 - UL 520                




Propeller: AXSport electric constant speed.

Single-seat / Inverted oil and fuel system / smoke system / wing tanks ( not for LSA catagory) / acro fuel tank.